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File Manager X is a powerful file manager and explorer that allows users to manage and access files and folders efficiently. With the intuitive interface of the featured file manager, you can easily navigate and manage your local multiple files and folders.

File Explorer allows you to perform the best file management functions like sorting featured files by name, size, and time. This file manager and Explorer is a feature-packed file manager app and file organizer. It is a unique and top file manager.

Key features of File Manager X and Explorer -
*File Browser allows you to easily browse multiple files and folders and access files with ease.
*Featured file manager has a search bar that allows you to search any featured files.
*With the junk cleaner you can free up storage space by removing unnecessary files and folders.
*Mix file manager offers file management functions like Copy, rename, share, move, etc.
*With this featured file manager you can easily compress files.
*File Manager X and file explorer have a hidden cabinet for you to hide and protect your important featured files and folders.
*You can easily access your device’s internal storage with this featured manager and explorer.
*Mix file manager supports multiple languages.
*File browser allows you to create new folders for your featured files.

Unique and best features of Featured file manager file explorer -
1. Featured files sharing - File manager and explorer have the ability to transfer multiple files via Bluetooth, email, etc. Users can also use the file manager app to share files on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
2. Security of featured files and folders - The file manager app provides users the ability to safeguard their important files and folders with the hidden cabinet feature.
3. Media Support - File browser supports all media formats including audio, video, images, and apks.
4. List/Grid view - Mix File Manager provides users with two types of views for browsing featured files and folders and making it easier for you to access files.

Featured File Manager app is an easy-to-use and feature-packed file explorer. File Manager X is best for managing all your files and folders in one place. Download file manager X for easy and fast file management.

For any suggestions or feedback about our file manager and explorer please reach out to us at apps@cvinfotech.com

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