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PicVault - Hide Photo & Videos App

Secret photos & videos? Calculator Vault & Pic Vault - Hide photos, videos & files under a hidden calculator. Secure passwords, notes, contacts & more. Your digital safe is unlocked by you.

Pic Vault - Hide Photos & Videos: Secret Photo Vault and Video Locker:
Tired of Photo Hiding Apps that easily catch attention? Or perhaps you feel your phone needs a privacy upgrade? Step into the secure haven of Calculator Vault, the hidden calculator lock app that seamlessly blends into your phone's everyday apps. Unlock a secret vault of features designed to protect your photos, videos, documents, notes, passwords, and anything else you wish to keep confidential. All these features are hidden behind an innocent calculator.

Protect Your Precious Moments:
Hide photos and videos: Use the photo lock and video locker to hide photos and lock videos within your gallery vault to tuck away family memories, funny moments, or confidential files from accidental scrolls or curious glances with the private photo & video gallery.

Snap photos and record videos directly within the app:
Capture life's special moments straight into your private photo album for ultimate privacy.

Secure Documents & Notes:
Lock away important documents, confidential notes, or even private contacts – all within the familiar interface of a fake calculator photo lock app.

Unbeatable Security:
Breathe easy knowing your files are protected by unbreakable encryption, like a digital Fort Knox for your precious treasures.

Secure Your Files and Information:
Password-protected documents and other files: Keep sensitive work documents, financial records, or personal projects safe under the calculator vault app.

Lock audio files and create secure voice notes:
Protect confidential conversations, personal recordings, or even your musical masterpieces with the built-in private audio manager.

Manage contacts privately:
Store and organize private contacts within the vault, keeping your connections confidential in Calculator Lock.

Store passwords and wallet information securely:
Ditch sticky notes and use the built-in password manager to secure login details. Safely store website logins, bank accounts, and more in an encrypted vault accessed through the Secret Calculator app.

Take notes, create to-dos, and set reminders:
Note down your thoughts, ideas, or plans within the vault's secure notepad, ensuring your personal thoughts remain private.

Private Browser:
Browse the web securely and download content directly into your vault, leaving no trace on your phone's history.

Unmatched Security and Peace of Mind:
Instant switch button: One tap transforms the app back into a harmless calculator, protecting your privacy in a flash.

Monitor for unauthorized access:
Stay alert for notifications if someone tries to break into your system.

Cloud Backup:
Worried about losing your phone? No problem! Securely back up photos, videos, passwords, and documents to the cloud, ensuring your memories and files are always safe.

Access is simple, security is robust:
Unlock your way: Choose from pin, password, or fingerprint authentication. Secure your vault with a method that suits you, keeping your secrets just a tap or touch away with Calculator Vault.

Automatically vanish from the gallery (optional):
Minimize accidental exposure with the option to automatically remove hidden files from your phone's gallery lock.

More than just a photo-hiding app:
Browse the web privately with the built-in browser, note down thoughts in the secure notepad, or organize your logins with the handy password manager.

Optimized for iPhone and iPad:
Enjoy a seamless experience on both devices with a user-friendly interface designed for each platform.

Pic Vault - Hide Photos & Videos is your peace of mind, your digital sanctuary. It's your hidden corner, your digital safe, your shield against the curious eyes of the digital world.

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