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Silver Star Chess Apk

Silver Star Chess 1.2.1 APK

  • Version: 1.2.1
  • Requires: Android 2.1+
  • Package Name: com.ssj.chess
  • Developer: SilverStarJapan
  • Updated Jun 10, 2015
  • Price: Paid
  • Rate 3.30 stars – based on 7 reviews
Silver Star Chess Game

Pursue the strongest, "Silver Star" third series! ! "Silver Star Chess" finally here! ! ◆ Our game with the players of 5 ○ CPU players and your opponent with their distinctive five a game. Strength in a wide range of Level 1 to Level 5, you can enjoy more from beginners to advanced. ◆ 2P terminal using a single game is a game mode in which two people alternately pointing at things. Even without a chess board and pieces are available now in games between humans. In addition, 2P game modes as well as a game, the game records are also available for input. Useful input and views on the go. Records can be stored for up to 20 features a strong chess studying ○. Save the lost game record, good even from the middle to win a game one day becoming stronger, you may want to keep only as of the Order of the winning game record. Also, as a full-fledged expert, while the game records reconstructed from the pat, you may want to consider. You can win a medal in that it meets the functional requirements and acquisition conditions Akira Isao ○. Akira Isao easy when Nowak won the medal and 貰Enai Komanai do, too many conditions, such as Akira Isao Nowak won a little unusual conditions. All players need to collect a veritable chess master. If beginners can enjoy the feature level 5 ○, Silver Star Chess exert considerable strength. But rather than strength to enjoy the atmosphere of chess with features such as better enjoy it. ◆ "Wait" ... of course the official rules, "Wait," No such thing. Even among human beings, so easily, "Wait" will not let you. But the Silver Star Chess Unlimited "in waiting" is. Until it finds a convincing way, thoroughly "Wait," please. ◆ "hint" ... again "Wait," also a good hand is still missing! At that time, computers get someone to think that the worst of the computer how about you? At the same time I expected to admire good move, the computer pointed to a painful facial expression changes to a hand. Game Settings ◆ ○ "moving second initiative" ◆ "BGM of ON / OFF" ◆ "sound effect ON / OFF" ◆ "Check Display ON / OFF" ◆ "where you can move the display ON / OFF" ◆ "last To view the hand ON / OFF "◆" coordinate display ON / OFF "◆" The lines show ON / OFF "for ■ OS ■ Android OS 2.1- 800*480-

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