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Haze - Photo Enhance, Colorize Apk

Haze - Photo Enhance, Colorize 1.0.15 APKs

What's New?

Introducing our two new features, the Object Removal and Background Removal.
Now, you can effortlessly remove unwanted objects from your photos with our new object eraser.
Our background remover allows you to isolate your subjects, providing a professional finish to every image.
Dive into the world of advanced photo editing with Haze, where creating flawless images is effortless and fun!

Haze - Photo Enhance, Colorize App

✨ What is Haze?
Haze is an AI-powered image enhancer app that helps users turn blurry photos to super resolution, black and white photos to colorful versions and restore old or damaged photos. It has a "Demo" section with 50+ images for experimenting features before using them on user's own images.

Transform low-quality, pixelated, and blurred photos into stunning works of art. Our advanced photo editing technology allows you to restore photos, sharpen out of focus images, and increase the quality in low-res pictures. Haze also features a powerful face detection system that can automatically detect and enhance face details in portrait, selfies, and group photos. Bring your photos to life with Haze and unleash your creativity with endless possibilities!

📣 How To Use Haze?
To use Haze, firstly select one of the three main feature: Enhance, Colorize or Destratch. Then upload your photo into the selected feature page. There will be a preview section where you can adjust slider to see before and after version of your photo side by side. After adjusting settings click download button to save enhanced/colorized/destracted photo.

👥 Who Can Use Haze?
Anyone who wants to enhance their digital media files such as photographs can use this powerful tool from amateur photographers to professionals looking for high quality results fast without spending too much time editing each file manually!

🖼 Enhance Feature:
The Enhance feature turns blurry pictures into sharp ones with stunning detail in just few seconds thanks its advanced algorithms powered by Artificial Intelligence technology!

🎨 Colorize Feature:
The Colorize feature adds amazing colors back into black/white old images making them look alive once more! Thanks its sophisticated algorithm it accurately identifies objects within picture like sky trees buildings people faces clothes etc., then assigns appropriate color palette - all this happens lightning fast giving users amazing result very quickly without having spend hours doing tedious work themselves!

🔧 Destractch Feature:
The Destractch feature restores old faded photographs bringing life back into them instantly restoring original clarity & vibrancy as if taken recently despite being decades ago when photograph was shot initially! Its automated restoration process removes dust scratches blemishes dirt marks stains watermarks creases tears fading lines wrinkles smudges blotches cracks bubbles discoloration spots fingerprints other damage caused over years stored away safely preserving precious memories forevermore - perfect solution any archivist's needs!

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