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Calculator Lock - Hide Photos Apk

Calculator Lock - Hide Photos 48.0 APKs

  • Version: 48.0
  • File size: 30.66MB
  • Requires: Android 4.0+
  • Package Name: calc.gallery.lock
  • Developer: Donna Danley
  • Updated Apr 05, 2024
  • Price: Free
  • Rate 4.36 stars – based on 266691 reviews
What's New?

+ Change Icon and cover on Calculator is back!
+ Files sort problem solved. Folders sort also introduced.
+ Added new video player gestures.

+ Introducing new User Interface for the Calculator and Vault
+ More files support: You can now import Audio, Documents, Contacts, Notes, Zip or any other format files into the Vault.
+ Files can be more secured into the Safe Online Storage to support multiple device and important file lose protection.

Calculator Lock - Hide Photos App

Calculator lock is hidden photo locker vault & video locker to provide extra layer of security with private gallery to lock photos and keep in hidden space from other people. Looks like a working calculator to others.

🤐Calculator App Lock
Choose your favorite style to lock apps using PIN or Pattern lock. You can keep photo safe from other people trying to open your social apps. Also supports fingerprint sensor lock when available.

📲 Instant Hide videos by sharing to calculator lock
Through sharing into the calculator video locker app, you may instantly lock photos and hidden movies from inside your gallery locker app.

📤Online Storage
With just one click, automatically hide notes, contacts, images, music, movies, and critical documents in a safe cloud storage. When you hide files within the Calculator lock app, you'll never lose your data again. Use the calculator hide app to synchronize your data across several devices.

📷Secretly Hide Photos & Hide Videos
Calculator Photo Locker app lets you hide personal images and short videos or long movies with advanced protection. Organize your photos to manage easily using folders. You can also hide multiple images and videos.

📺 Direct capture photos and videos inside calculator lock
Hide photos or record videos from inside the lock app that will be instantly get hidden inside the gallery locker & video vault.

🌈 Change app primary color
Support multiple colors for calc lock app so that you never get bored with same theme.

🤫 Change App Icon
Replace Calculator app icon with G-Scanner icon to disguise it from home screen.

🕵️ Personal web explorer
Visit websites using personal website explorer to keep others away from your private browser history using incognito mode. Easily hide pictures and hide videos directly from browser.

🔐 Export calculator locker media:
Once you hide pictures and lock Videos inside the vault, you can anytime use the export icon provided in the vault app to unhide your media whenever needed. You can directly share picture or video to social apps without need of unlock media to the public gallery.

🤐 Multiple calculator lock password
Open second calculator gallery video vault using other password to show different hidden photos and protect real locker containing private videos.

📲 Urgent lock
Calc Vault app will quickly lock itself when your device faces downward to the ground. You can choose to close the vault in emergency situation to secure private album.

Easy hide pictures and hide videos from the public gallery, when others will only be able to see a normal calculator installed on your phone. Hide files, notes and contacts inside private vault app.

Question: What will happen if I remove the photo hider app from phone?
Answer: Removing calculator lock app means delete the app and all the imported files inside it if there is no cloud backup taken. Re-installing would not recover those deleted files. So please make sure to unlock to public gallery of all your hidden files before uninstalling this app.

Question: What about if I lost my phone or broken?
Answer: You can only recover files into the new phone by using our Safe Online Storage feature if you have backed up files from the old phone.

Question: Lost your password?
Answer: Please enter “7777=” into our calculator and verify your pattern, security question, recovery email or fingerprint and then reset the password.

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